The CUSTRACK project

Project goal: customer area surveillance system, powered by artificial intelligence

The aim of the projectis to develop a complex system for the purpose of customer area surveillance. The system consists of moduls which are capable of tracing objects (people or vehicles) and identifying its features via tools of artificial intelligence and image processing. Combining its specific modules the software will be capable of fulfilling the security surveillance needs of malls, parking lots and office buildings as well. Its unique feature is the reporting function based on tracing the moving patterns of the costumers. The project is financed by the National Office of Research and Technology through Baross Gabor program, and it is carried out with the participation of - Young Researchers Association. As the result of the project, a new innovative product is created which meets international standards.


As a result of our research and development effort, the product being developed is already able to distinguish moving objects on static camera recordings. Moreover it can even localize the 3D position of the objects, due to the multiple camera model which was developed successfully recently. A solution to track objects' movements has developed so that the objects can be followed in the whole observation area.

Accordintg to the project schedule, the product can already interpret simple movements and identify calculated or measured data which are related to observed objects

Currently the development of the 3D modelworld has started, while sight inquiry aided by algorithms, scaling and calibrating possibilities of the system are being scrutinized.